TVAM ~ Bitplain

In a world where isolation has more or less been the new standard, one’s thoughts turn to our new communication norms and what they allow us to share and how. With Bitplain, TVAM are plumbing the depths of our mental connectivity to others through computer circuitry; a potential bond between the stark cold silicon and the fleshy bits that Continue reading TVAM ~ Bitplain

Sufjan Stevens ~ Run Away With Me

Hauntingly beautiful… Clearly, not the first time a song written by Sufjan (pronounced Sufyan) Stevens has been described thusly, yet nevertheless true. His abilities are the rarest trifecta, the talent to write lovely music, the skillful glorious prose, and the gift of wrapping it all up in a heartfelt, emotional bow. “They will terrorize us, With new confusion, With the fear of life that seeks … Continue reading Sufjan Stevens ~ Run Away With Me

Emika – Let’s Dance (Shocklee-Emikaized)

It may come as a surprise to discover Emika (Ema Jolly) started her musical journey in a cupboard in secondary school. To be precise, she found an old beat-up PC with a 4-channel sequencing program in a cupboard and used it with a fellow classmate (and a myriad of other… Continue reading Emika – Let’s Dance (Shocklee-Emikaized)

Grabbitz – Follow Me

Musician, Composer, Producer and DJ, Grabbitz, previously featured here with Rezz on Someone Else, stands (flies) alone in this 2016 track featuring a plague mask and the eerily prescient words, “let’s hold our breath ’til we die, I just wish it was for something”. Grabbitz (real name Nicholas Chiari) was born in Buffalo, New York on February 18th, 1993 and thus is the ripe old … Continue reading Grabbitz – Follow Me