Drab Majesty – 39 By Design

Singer/songwriter Andrew Clinco (aka Deb DeMure) leads this Los Angeles neo-goth band began in 2011 with three albums out now and a worldwide following. This particular cut taken from their second album Demonstration correspondingly affirms their talent for dark emotion-laden melodies and interesting, albeit at times, mournful lyric choices. “39 By Design” was written in remembrance of the 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult … Continue reading Drab Majesty – 39 By Design

Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim

Such a beautiful song and such a heartrending video. One hopes that in the time intervening, things have improved in this impoverished nation where so many survive on the waste of another country. In the midst of this sad montage there are brief respites of beauty however they often only serve to embolden this video’s deep melancholy. The music itself is pure DCD and of … Continue reading Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim

Agnes Obel – Familiar

Heartfelt, deep and swimmingly smooth, such is this masterpiece of songwriting. In the comments, Wonder List states, “The chorus sounds like a male voice, but that’s actually Obel’s voice pitched-down and layered to make it sound ghostly – what she calls ‘secret singing’”. A song of our life now, that of love in cyberspace, love without bounds, but an alien love, oft without closeness or … Continue reading Agnes Obel – Familiar

Second Still – Untitled #3 (Live on PressureDrop.tv)

Untitled #3, AKA “Dancey”, is one of my favorite songs by Second Still, a group with influences from Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Cure, Bauhaus, et al. summing in their own unique tonal-vibration self-described as a melding of “French coldwave with the unconventional time signatures of No Wave”. Be sure to wait for it, the crazy build-up that starts at about the 4-minute mark, and … Continue reading Second Still – Untitled #3 (Live on PressureDrop.tv)