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In Appreciation Of Those That Follow (PSA)

One hopes it would be impossible to write 100 essays without at least some improvement. The difference between my earliest music musings and these later more lengthy ramblings should be heir-apparent and obvious. An unrepentant matched quasi-clever absurdity in hopes of encouraging future discovery while discouraging apathy.

Be A Fruit Loop In A World Of Cheerios

What began as an idea initially shared by my best friend has blossomed into this blog, GodHatesGoth, my own personal wordplay reassignment of gloom. I owe him a debt of gratitude for encouraging me to expand within while reaching without to the farthest edges of the outside world.

I am an imperfect individual, with the beginning of this site being marred by a subsequent year off, ultimately the result of my mother’s diagnosis of vascular dementia. Now, as a cursed/blessed witness to her slow decline, my soul hurt is best offset by the love and support of family and friends.

Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time. Jean-Michel Basquiat Quote

Here, I attempt to channel that pain into art and creativity, as many of us do, endeavoring to share the best music I can find to the best of my ability by perusing thousands of music videos in an attempt to find the most strangely addictive, edgy and provocative examples of goth, alternative, and post-punk music released. So many underrated, little-known bands deserve to be enjoyed and encouraged to continue creating imaginative and unique new art, while classic tracks round out the mix with their historical influence, interesting little-known backgrounds, and overall heady beauty.

It has been said that history repeats itself. This is perhaps not quite correct; it merely rhymes.

~ Theodore Reik, The Untouchables, 1965

Personally, I am a grateful if challenged writer with each post requiring hours of research and finding of my voice. The best of what is written here is written entirely by my subconscious, while the rest is the result of my not listening well enough.

It is a pleasure to share, and the most generous gift bestowed on me is the gift of your time. Thank you for listening.

7 thoughts on “In Appreciation Of Those That Follow (PSA)

  1. What a nice post Rann! I enjoy reading your music musings. Also, my sympathies to you about your mother’s health issues, but also kudos for finding the strength and motivation to write, something which I have struggled with mightily in recent months. As you well know, music can be a force of healing, or at least a welcome respite from life’s challenges.

    1. Thank you, Jeff. My two loves have always been music and computers, so clearly this blog is well-timed to counterbalance my current situation. It certainly is challenging, lol. 🙏🖤

    1. Thank you, Jai. I have so many to choose from already, it’s always a bit of a battle deciding what to publish next, although I do try to get them to blend a bit from one to the next so the transition isn’t too jarring. I hope you find at least a few to your liking. 💀

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