Frou Frou ~ The Dumbing Down Of Love [2⊘⊘2]

The closing track on Frou Frou’s first and only album Details, “The Dumbing Down Of Love” appears as an admonition of the trite, formulaic love songs too many musicians have written throughout the years in a vain attempt to gain fame and fortune. Still, it is only one of many different possible meanings attributable to this lovely, if enigmatic … Continue reading Frou Frou ~ The Dumbing Down Of Love [2⊘⊘2]

Thom Yorke from Radiohead vfideo Street Spirit.

Radiohead ~ Street Spirit (Fade Out) [2⊘15]

The music video for ‘Street Spirit’ was filmed over two nights in a desert outside Los Angeles. It was directed by Jonathan Glazer, who described it as a “turning point” for his work, feeling that Radiohead had “found their own voices as an artist” and that “I got close to whatever mine … Continue reading Radiohead ~ Street Spirit (Fade Out) [2⊘15]

World Yin Yang symbol white clouds dark black clouds and moon

In Appreciation Of Those That Follow (PSA)

One hopes it would be impossible to write 100 essays without at least some improvement. The difference between my earliest music musings and these later more lengthy ramblings should be heir-apparent and obvious. An unrepentant matched quasi-clever absurdity in hopes of encouraging future discovery while discouraging apathy. What began … Continue reading In Appreciation Of Those That Follow (PSA)

Photo of Ductape bandmember Çağla Güleray bathed in black/red light from music video Kara Buyu.

Chemical Waves ~ Kara Büyü (Black Magic) ft. Ductape [2⊘22]

Roman darkwave/coldwave project Chemical Waves guitarist Marco Cattani collaborated with previously featured band Ductape (see track Sevmiyor) to create Kara Büyü, a favorite from his fourth album ‘I (When We Were Full Of Hope)’. Says Marco in an interview with … Continue reading Chemical Waves ~ Kara Büyü (Black Magic) ft. Ductape [2⊘22]