original art by disturbedByVoices entitled "bloodclot" copyright 2023

AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

One of the more unfortunate things I have learned from my Gen Z daughter is the prevalent undercurrent of fear in their generation. An inherent dread of voicing the wrong sentiment and offending one another with everyone seemingly wearing their naked heart on their sleeve, open to unintentional attack, and corresponding haphazard reprisal. No one is safe it seems; friendship and constructive criticism be damned. It is … Continue reading AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

Kim Dracula image taken from video Make Me Famous tweaked to look more horrific with mouth wide

Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

As we all know, there are real vampires. They sleep in coffins during the day, cannot be seen in mirrors, can shapeshift into bats at will, have long sharp canine teeth, and survive by laying waste to human subjects at night by sucking them dry of blood or turning them. There may also be emotional or energy vampires (see ingenious What We Do in the … Continue reading Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

stained android head with bright red pupiless eyes has a bleeding casket in its head

Android Lust ~ Stained [2⊘⊘2]

As we continually morph onward through time, seeing shifts for both better and worse, it should be awe-inspiring to realize the sheer magnitude of change some of our heroes have had to endure and rise above to remain relevant. As a gifted female non-conformist musician, dealing with an inherent sexism in the system (see Lush), it must have been daunting. But … Continue reading Android Lust ~ Stained [2⊘⊘2]

An image of a scorched earth with an intruder emerging from the top and in close proximity to the sun

Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

A true 21st-century renaissance man, Gary Numan has reinvented himself both outwardly via cosmetic work and inwardly through mentoring from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. His remarkable life has been filled with trials and tribulations uniquely higher and lower than most. With the help of family and friends, he successfully transformed himself and his world from the highs of 80s song “Cars” to the lows of 90s album Machine … Continue reading Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

deathbyromy artistic hellish water nymph i don't believe in anything

DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Entropy: ĕn′trə-pē : a measure of the disorder, chaos, or randomness in a closed system coined from a Greek word for transformation with far-reaching implications and far-ranging applications in chemistry and physics, in cosmology, economics, sociology, weather … Continue reading DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]