Mareux – Night Vision [2⊘23]

In my past experience, strip clubs are not generally the happiest of places. Unless they have changed in the last few decades, they seemed frequented by mostly joyless older men, and populated with generally attractive women sometimes in it for the art of the pole dance, but always for the lucrative tips. It seemed what some women found degrading, others embraced. Yet for men, it always felt like an exercise in frustration, unless you dated … Continue reading Mareux – Night Vision [2⊘23]

Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]

I was and still am a sucker for pure, unadulterated synthpop. From Abba and Bee Gees disco to new wave Duran Duran to the murmurings of industrial Depeche Mode and the revitalized Victorian gothicality of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It may seem like a progression away from pop, but in actuality, it is simply a fork-in-the-road diffusion between light and darkness. Both are still appealing and mixtures of the two sometimes bleed … Continue reading Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]

Female torso missing heart with firey insides and lava-like exterior called "cavetous" by disturbedByVoices

Phantogram ~ Fall In Love [2⊘13]

To the majority of us, unrequited love or unreciprocated love is the bane of our existence. Psychiatrist Eric Berne stated in his book Sex in Human Loving that “Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.” Perhaps surprisingly, some famous people thought similarly. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche … Continue reading Phantogram ~ Fall In Love [2⊘13]