The Dream Syndicate ~ Damian

An aural atmosphere borne of tie-dye shirts and bellbottom jeans mollycoddles us to a festival masquerade set in a lava-lamp of hot-pink existential goo where blood-spattered disembodied heads chant a Floydian-homage to our funhouse-mirror lives filled carnival games unhinged and non-refundable. “The clock is ticking on the wall, She doesn’t think of you at all, No more, Anymore. ~ Parlor tricks and swizzle sticks, The … Continue reading The Dream Syndicate ~ Damian

Gentle Ropes ~ Oči (Eyes) (❤ua)

Native Kyivian, Serj Kost of Gentle Ropes penned Oči (Eyes) with references to The Smiths songs Still Ill and There is a Light That Never Goes Out. This, the first single from his upcoming album Control (to be released May 6th, 2022), is one of only two native-tongue tracks on the album and the first to be released as a single. The new album, “(is) … Continue reading Gentle Ropes ~ Oči (Eyes) (❤ua)

JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)

Of this music video’s most striking elements: – A half-chest bloodied dress – A perused skin mag – A man of dilly-dallying disinterest – A little red riding hood / big bad wolf metaphor – A contents-yet-unknown basket (The End, isn’t) – A box of multi-flavored jellybeans And a slyly-lurking siren closely astride throughout. Maybe it’s an awakening. A realization that one is perhaps a … Continue reading JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)

Garbage ~ Wolves (nsfw)

Since their early incarnation in the ’90’s, Garbage has been a mainstay in the alternative+ music world. Band members Shirley Manson (main vocals, guitars, keyboards), Duke Erikson (guitar, bass, keyboards), Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards), and Butch Vig (drums, percussion, keyboards) have been distinctive in their cake-like-blending of staunchly-driven guitar riffs, complimentary darkly-layered synths, finally iced with Shirley’s… Continue reading Garbage ~ Wolves (nsfw)