artistic rendition of bjork still-image taken from her hyperballad video

Bjork ~ Hyperballad [1996]

With a ballad being defined as “a popular song, especially of a romantic or sentimental nature” and hyper as “emotionally stimulated or overexcited,” it could be said a hyper-ballad is a stirring romantic tune, or perhaps a musically portrayed agitated state. Does this mean this song’s protagonist has eaten too much sugar (debunked) or, as a female is hysterical, a loaded sexual misdiagnosis that used … Continue reading Bjork ~ Hyperballad [1996]

Artistic rendition of carnival freaks surrounded by butterflies entitled "vultures"

Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over [1993]

If you have yet to witness the beauty of Dead Can Dance, this is as apt a song as could be as introduction. “The Carnival Is Over” appears as an homage to those wonderful circus freaks otherwise noteworthy as society’s shunned and exploited, unfortunate souls first rejected … Continue reading Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over [1993]

deathbyromy artistic hellish water nymph i don't believe in anything

DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Entropy: ĕn′trə-pē : a measure of the disorder, chaos, or randomness in a closed system coined from a Greek word for transformation with far-reaching implications and far-ranging applications in chemistry and physics, in cosmology, economics, sociology, weather … Continue reading DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Grizzly Bear ~ Neighbors [2⊘17]

Sadly, when a relationship ends with a significant other, it is often the end. The end of shared dreams shared memories and sometimes even friendship. At times, this is due to lingering anger, yet other times it is simply borne of a necessity for self-preservation. If we were close, really close, it can be difficult to extricate ourselves and reestablish our own autonomy … Continue reading Grizzly Bear ~ Neighbors [2⊘17]

Puma Blue ~ Hounds [2⊘22]

An apt portrayal of limbo, the sunless land between heaven and hell. The nether-region inhabited by those no longer bouncing betwixt, rather buried between, love and loneliness, pain and pleasure, life and death, where time’s pendulum has ceased movement, laid still upright and lifeless, awaiting a gesture of strength as an awakening. “Feels like no angels Follow where I tread
Made to make a home, but I’m Lost in wilderness instead … Continue reading Puma Blue ~ Hounds [2⊘22]