Artistic rendering of RUFUS DU SOL's lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist taken from their video for "On My Knees".

RÜFÜS DU SOL – On My Knees [2⊘21]

Brilliant, bold, and bassy, this is the kind of track that reverberates with such intensity as to provoke a cardiac arrest of emergency-room dancefloor jigginess. Unsurprisingly, its creation was also a process of joy, “For this song, we had a lot of fun writing something that was darker, driving, and a little more edgy. It’s definitely one of the most banging tracks on the record...” [wikipedia]

Looks like there’s rain up ahead,
Like there’s a crack in the heavens,
Feels like my day could be turning,
Like I can tell that my luck’s gonna chang

Formed in 2010, and hailing from Sydney, Australia, RÜFÜS DU SOL (originally simply RÜFÜS) came together around a shared passion for live-electronic icons like Chemical Brothers and Royksopp. Their sound, a self-described “fusion of instrumentative sensibilities and thoughtful dance production.”

Wide photo of RUFUS DU SOLl's three band members Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist, and James Hunt.
From left to right, bandmembers Jon George (keyboards), Tyrone Lindqvist (lead vocals), and James Hunt (drums)

On My Knees having been released via their 2021 full-album Surrender is aptly characterized by CULTR’s Oliver Tryon as, “a brooding insight into RÜFÜS DU SOL’s darker tendencies, toying with honest emotions and aching lyricism, demonstrating what makes them so unique in the electronic space.” [cultr]

If you could see me now,
I’d probably let you down,
But that’s enough for me,
You got me beggin’, baby”

Chilling voices of wailing electronica pair accusation and explanation in an instrumental argument of horn synths speaking Charlie Brown’s parents’ vernacular. An inspired idiomatic anthem to the doghouse man, tail betwixt legs, hands prayer-like divinely imploring while bathed in blood-red spotlights emblematic of momentous fury, mated anxiety. The heart-driving pulse-pounding bass propelling him forward and downward in deference, Lord askance, akimbo and afire, crushingly baring down from above.

“Looks like I’m on my knees again,
Feels like the walls are closing in…”



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