Grabbitz ~ The Ugly

Nicholas Chiari (aka Grabbitz) is a non-stop merry-go-round of catchy wonderous electro-pop sights and sounds that never fails to impress. Like the protagonist in his video, he seems to be driven, nay chased by an alter-ego with breathless abandon, perchance a faceless personification of death or time, and always to new and wildly different heights. Grabbitz’s work has been featured here before with his wall-of-sound … Continue reading Grabbitz ~ The Ugly

JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)

Of this music video’s most striking elements: – A half-chest bloodied dress – A perused skin mag – A man of dilly-dallying disinterest – A little red riding hood / big bad wolf metaphor – A contents-yet-unknown basket (The End, isn’t) – A box of multi-flavored jellybeans And a slyly-lurking siren closely astride throughout. Maybe it’s an awakening. A realization that one is perhaps a … Continue reading JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)

Corlyx ~ White Wolf

From the depths of great trauma, delicious art can be derived — such is the music of Corlyx. The band made up of Italian songwriter Brandon and American singer Caitlin, met in Los Angeles and repatriated to iconic Italy to birth their band’s namesake she derived from a teenage dream. Thusly born of traumatic childhoods, they joined forces in mutually-creative admiration of the musical stylings … Continue reading Corlyx ~ White Wolf