a collage of the three artists that make up band Violens from their video "All Night Low" by disturbedByVoices

Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

Of the many idiosyncracies of YouTube, some of the most annoying are those videos that are “age-restricted” or “made-for-kids” and for entirely different reasons. One can understand, even empathize with adult content being restricted, inarguably lauded by some artists as a kudo of sorts. But the made-for-kids restriction is utterly flummoxing as it removes the ability to save the video to any playlist for no … Continue reading Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

an artful representation to Poppy's song "Church Outfit"

Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]

Poppy’s fans are devout, rabid, resolute, and legion, and for good reason. Poppy’s has been a singular life and a testament to the courage and willpower many of us strive for yet often fail to realize. Her fans are aware of the conviction with which she creates her art and understand her affable intensity. Deeper still, her art divines a defiant soul, cause célèbre of … Continue reading Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]

An image of a scorched earth with an intruder emerging from the top and in close proximity to the sun

Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

A true 21st-century renaissance man, Gary Numan has reinvented himself both outwardly via cosmetic work and inwardly through mentoring from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. His remarkable life has been filled with trials and tribulations uniquely higher and lower than most. With the help of family and friends, he successfully transformed himself and his world from the highs of 80s song “Cars” to the lows of 90s album Machine … Continue reading Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore artwork by disturbedByVoices "Rosy"

The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]

“I have learned the fine art now of judging what is expected of me when I am being beat… it takes a keen ear to detect if the desired result is one of the following: submission, capitulation, confession, or negation…sometimes when I am being beaten down, the desired result appears to be tears, a bleating ‘no more, no more’, until the monster is satisfied… Continue reading The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]