Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

A true 21st-century renaissance man, Gary Numan has reinvented himself both outwardly via cosmetic work and inwardly through mentoring from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. His remarkable life has been filled with trials and tribulations uniquely higher and lower than most. With the help of family and friends, he successfully transformed himself and his world from the highs of 80s song “Cars” to the lows of 90s album Machine … Continue reading Gary Numan ~ Intruder [2⊘21]

Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore artwork by disturbedByVoices "Rosy"

The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]

“I have learned the fine art now of judging what is expected of me when I am being beat… it takes a keen ear to detect if the desired result is one of the following: submission, capitulation, confession, or negation…sometimes when I am being beaten down, the desired result appears to be tears, a bleating ‘no more, no more’, until the monster is satisfied… Continue reading The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]

David Bowie ~ I’m Afraid of Americans [1997]

Born in the 60s, I have often wished I had never lived through the 70s. It was a decade of highly-adept songwriters, with artists like Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, and Al Stewart (to name but a few). There was an ill-fated optimism still lingering in the air from my earlier childhood days, no longer unbridled, but still relevant if more realistic and … Continue reading David Bowie ~ I’m Afraid of Americans [1997]

Purity Ring ~ i like the devil [2⊘2⊘]

With angelic vocals and a devilish title, this track’s meaning can be quite misleading. Further clarification can be found in its timely release two days prior to its parent album’s drop on April 3rd, 2020. Perhaps even more surprisingly the song is an adeptly layered lyrical defense of womanhood and its historical see-saw characterization from demonization to … Continue reading Purity Ring ~ i like the devil [2⊘2⊘]

Cover Art “breakable” by disturbedByVoices

Nine Inch Nails ~ We’re In This Together [1999]

An earliest memory of four or five. Alone on a beach with Mom on an unsummery day. Father had gone in search of more wood to build the fire, while Mom earnestly demonstrated its creation by building a teepee of kindling over crumbled napkins or newspaper, whatever had been handy … Continue reading Nine Inch Nails ~ We’re In This Together [1999]