Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool [2018]

As you may have already noticed, posts will vary from riotous punk at times to synth-pop on occasion, yet mostly frequent the dark and fervent. In this case, it is a brooding tune of gothic chamber music from Jonathan Bree, sometimes playfully described as “dark Disney”. This, his biggest hit thus far, has him crooning over dulcitone chimes and orchestral strings as he laments the past life of a success junkie failed, finally quipping at the end, “Find solace in the privilege to pursue. Most people are crushed into servitude.

“I think it’s worth noting there’s a certain irony because the song “You’re So Cool” is about learning to become comfortable with your invisibility and being made to feel artistically irrelevant by the world around you. I guess the gods decided to have some fun with that.” [Jonathan Bree Interview at]

Keep your sights on the down-low.

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