The Shyness of Strangers ~ If It Serves You

Perhaps unsurprisingly a band named The Shyness of Strangers wouldn’t be the most unabashed. True to form, it might be more selectively-social and steadfast in its coldwave, post-punk sound. It might even be distant or indifferent. but those would be easy generalizations masking… Continue reading The Shyness of Strangers ~ If It Serves You

She Past Away ~ Soluk (Pale)

Turkish band She Past Away conspired with Los Angeles’ Drab Majesty to present Soluk (Pale), an open invitation in surreal recognition of a dying civilization. This, unceremoniously designated the first “Double Feature” on GodHatesGoth, as it has proven difficult to choose between the original video track and the U.K.’s Kill Shelter’s beat-boosted remix — the former being a more illustrative video, and the latter gilded … Continue reading She Past Away ~ Soluk (Pale)

Final Body ~ Lose Health

Imagine aimfully wandering around your city, your home, translucency at once overlooked. A topsy-turvy world unwished-for and in forceful denial of the fleshly. Yet you, still brim with love, actively seeking and praying for that which would resolve your agonizingly-evident dilemma. “Let me know that you notice me…” Continue reading Final Body ~ Lose Health

Fontaines D.C. ~ Televised Mind

This is whatchacallit when medium and message meet. The repetition is hypnotic with just enough variation to trip/break something cracker-backwards in my mind. The song and video have an almost heroin-esque motif with deep blue-black auras that resonate in regions scarred from white-hot tongues, licking wounds not to cauterize, but to embellish…. Continue reading Fontaines D.C. ~ Televised Mind

Royal Blood ~ Boilermaker

Royal Blood lead singer Mike Kerr stated in an interview, “A boilermaker is a horrible, horrible drink. It’s a shot of whiskey (dropped) in a beer… When you’re drinking them, you know things are going wrong.” Strange then the juxtaposition of the boisterous fan-favorite track Boilermaker (first introduced during their 2019 European tour) up against this ill- Continue reading Royal Blood ~ Boilermaker