Kerli – Diamond Hard [2⊘16]

At a diminutive five-foot-zero Kerli may be short in stature, but she is elevated of inner strength, still requiring the occasional spiritual recharging blessedly provided by her mother country Estonia’s enchanting forest. In fact, she was able to acquire timely access to a little-known, unoccupied simple home there, where with only the barest of essentials, a few sets … Continue reading Kerli – Diamond Hard [2⊘16]

an artful representation to Poppy's song "Church Outfit"

Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]

Poppy’s fans are devout, rabid, resolute, and legion, and for good reason. Poppy’s has been a singular life and a testament to the courage and willpower many of us strive for yet often fail to realize. Her fans are aware of the conviction with which she creates her art and understand her affable intensity. Deeper still, her art divines a defiant soul, cause célèbre of … Continue reading Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]

original art by disturbedByVoices entitled "bloodclot" copyright 2023

AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

One of the more unfortunate things I have learned from my Gen Z daughter is the prevalent undercurrent of fear in their generation. An inherent dread of voicing the wrong sentiment and offending one another with everyone seemingly wearing their naked heart on their sleeve, open to unintentional attack, and corresponding haphazard reprisal. No one is safe it seems; friendship and constructive criticism be damned. It is … Continue reading AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore artwork by disturbedByVoices "Rosy"

The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]

“I have learned the fine art now of judging what is expected of me when I am being beat… it takes a keen ear to detect if the desired result is one of the following: submission, capitulation, confession, or negation…sometimes when I am being beaten down, the desired result appears to be tears, a bleating ‘no more, no more’, until the monster is satisfied… Continue reading The Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore [1998]

HUMAN BONE ART cover by Francois Robert

Arab Strap ~ The Turning of Our Bones [2⊘2⊘]

It has been variously said that everybody dies twice, first when we have breathed our last breath, and second when our name is spoken for the very last time. The Malagasy people of Madagascar take this philosophy a step further, much further, with a centuries-old funerary tradition … Continue reading Arab Strap ~ The Turning of Our Bones [2⊘2⊘]