Film School ~ Influencer

Perhaps a perfect counter to our current viral-infected oft desolate lives is the band Film School, originally formed in San Francisco and more recently headquartered in Los Angeles, comprised of bandmates Greg Bertens (vocals, guitar), Nyles Lannon (guitar, backing vocals), Justin LaBo (bass), Jason Ruck (synths), and Adam Wade (drums). If you long for the salad days of My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, or Slowdive, then this shoegaze-il(lush)trious band may be right up your proverbial alley.

Began in 1998, Film School has released five full albums and as many EPs, with numerous interspersed singles of which Influencer is one of their latest. Per, “(they) also provided music for a series of short films by Demetri Martin, known collectively as ‘Clearification’, an advertising campaign for (Microsoft) Windows Vista.

The video for Influencer itself could be a reflection of their own band name in an apex of creativity, melding ASCII text characters across broadly-heated vistas. A giant disembodied talking head, a video-extracted caricature of the newly neutered critic therein speaks thusly, “Positive, Bullshitive, Knock me out, Take my mind, away.”

A music of Cornelius-reminiscent vocals sandwiched within Washed-Out, echo-chamber-swirly, sonic-driven-guitars over melty-rainbow-Sno-cone pads on sunburn-cloudless-days. This is the stuff of summertime soundtracks, of shimmery-cool-winds and ravishing lip-caressing-kisses born of love still unspoilt and luscious. Yet, like all great music there is a thread of angst, a touched darkness, a warning that although this is life in full-grandeur and in finest-garb, it will not be tamed and attempting to do so will only ruin it. Realize it is a finite, an ephemeral, and enjoy the Ride while it lasts.

  • Film School music can be bought here and from Apple here, listened to on Spotify here, and followed on Facebook here

7 thoughts on “Film School ~ Influencer

  1. when the doors are unlocked and thrown open,
    the barred windows removed and sunshine kisses,
    take my hand inside yours and walk through this flowering midden,
    justcut rulerstraigh turfs of grass,
    once no-go to touch,
    no longer forbidden,
    yet this pantomime remains the same,
    in a looking glass world where we are all the same….
    how the straight jackets now look so tame…
    with God long gone,
    where is my restrain….

    *their work reminds me of the early morning post party hazed walk through inner city parks after that party and toward the start of the next – almost Jane’s Addiction being hosed down with early Roxy Music (think mother-of-pearl) – burnt out cars, discarded shoes, amid the early spring blooms and ‘wozzy is a wanker’ freshly painted on the unwalledgarden wall like breaking news *

    They have a great sound…


  2. I am watching your video & Please, don’t stop. You guys are killing it! I’m still enjoying the last release, and you pull this shit..! You had me at Compare..


  3. I am watching your video & Please, don’t stop. You guys are killing it! I’m still enjoying the last release, and you pull this shit..! You had me at Compare..


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