Night Club ~ Die In The Disco [2⊘2⊘]

Jack Torrance once reminded us, on reams of creatively-typed paper, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” So, here to replace that straight-laced sin with the unmentionable wickedness of (gods-forbid) disco-inspired darkwave, is the straight-faced sinfully-decadent band Night Club. Cavalier in their boisterous love of the dark-schizoid, Los Angeles’ Emily Kavanaugh (vocalist) and Mark Brooks (producer) began, “with the goal of creating a synth-pop band with a darker edge”, and ended up creating a devil-may-care ear-candy so many of us adore to headphone-canoodle with.

Their numerous and varied videos are simply icing on the proverbial cake. Mark told ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK, “…we talked about wanting to make a video for ‘Die In The Disco’ before our tour start(ed)… Because of the way we wanted it to look, animation was clearly a cheaper route than live-action (since I work in animation). It did take a while; EIGHT MONTHS!”

“Am I insane, feel so wrong,
Don’t belong in this reality,
Run away, won’t be long,
I’ll be gone before anyone finds me”

While Mark’s illustrious past performing with numerous bands most assuredly was foundational, Emily’s more newly developed talent, and blessed genetics, have also proven fertile grounds in the conception of their synergistic fruits (father Kevin Kavanaugh was the keyboardist in Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes). [] Formed in 2011, their music has appeared in a myriad of television shows including Awkward, Jersey Shore, and Mysteries of Laura, while more recently they wrote the soundtrack for the Comedy Central show Moonbeam City featuring Rob Lowe and composed the music for the feature film Nerdland. [] []

Their third LP, Die Die Lullaby (from whence this track derived), was released in October 2020 and debuted at on the US iTunes electronic chart upon release

“I’m afraid I’ve been critical,
Cynical, need to escape me,
Run away, won’t be long,
I’ll be gone before anyone finds me”

For those of us born into the disco era, our original sin may be difficult enough to bear, but for those younger and uninitiated of Studio 54, their sin stands barely forgivable. Clearly, such evil does not befit a Le Freak of Staying Alive in a Boogie Wonderland, nor spending Boogie Nights in a Funkytown, sadly concluding with the Bad Girls Last Dance being a Tragedy of unspeakably Bad Luck

“These twisted thoughts inside my head,
(Inside my head),
Take me to a place,
Where I can dance until I’m dead”

(The hilarious mid-track sojourn to a dancing skeletal homage to Lesley Gore isn’t to be missed either.)

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