Kosheen – Harder They Fall

Slick and addictive, Kosheen has a terrifying talent for creating hook-laden tuneage of which this song surely doesn’t disappoint. Per Wikipedia, “The name Kosheen derives from the name of a North American Apache warrior, Cochise. When in Japan, it was discovered that a combination of the Japanese words for ‘old’ and ‘new’ would make ‘Kosheen’ in Japanese.” Alternatively known for her trip-hop and “hypnotic breakbeats“, this particular track has a shady-insidious bass line that with its interspersed-minor-key melodies and shimmery arabesque ambience gives it a positively bouncy-ball-full-of-gloominess sound that I’m happy to stay down with, and enjoy.

More here: https://kosheen.com

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