Twin Tribes – Portal to the Void

Bands often write their own bios on Spotify, so perhaps surprising that Twin Tribes brothers Luis Navarro (Vox/Guitar/Synth) and Joel Niño Jr. (Bass/Synth) have simply written, “Dark melodic sounds, synthesizers, lyrics about the undead, the occult and parallel universes.” Straightforward and direct, especially the part about the occult, as they have at least one video that is made to seem like a kidnapping/snuff film (awesome track complete with wicked-evil video). That said, ‘Portal to the Void‘ was released in 2018 on their occult-themed Shadows and is suggesting of a rite or incantation that creates a passage to the much desired beyond. With their eighties-echoing darkwave both catchy and earwormy, their music mesmerizes and lulls the listener with grim lullabies designed to relax and cozy, but don’t be fooled, enjoy only while enforcing strict rules all doors be locked, and no Ouija allowed until the music has died.

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