Grabbitz – Follow Me

Musician, Composer, Producer and DJ, Grabbitz, previously featured here with Rezz on Someone Else, stands (flies) alone in this 2016 track featuring a plague mask and the eerily prescient words, “let’s hold our breath ’til we die, I just wish it was for something”. Grabbitz (real name Nicholas Chiari) was born in Buffalo, New York on February 18th, 1993 and thus is the ripe old age of 28 today. Originally began with Monstercat, he has since become an established collaborator, not only working with Rezz, but also penning songs with Faustix, Pegboard Nerds, Savoy, and NGHTMRE to name a few. Mixing electronics and rock in high dynamics (wall-of-sound at times), industrial noise, edgy vocals, and ironclad-boot-heavy synths, Grabbitz defies easy categorization and must like it since he has an eight-line impersonal bio on Spotify and nearly 1 million plays each month. Clearly zero problem with attracting followers.

  • Grabbitz music can be bought on his website here and Apple here, listened to on Spotify here, and followed on Facebook here

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