Crunch-chunky-chopped nu-metal guitars escalate and abate within a seesaw, teeter-totter, merry-go-round tirade of lyrical abuses. It’s a punch-drunk ride on the PTSD rollercoaster, forecasted and exemplified by your very own Gray-shaded, Saw-inspired, custom-modded, sado-masochistic toy Bop-It! — battery required.

I’m anxious, so cautious,
I’m easily nauseous,
I wish I could care less, (but I),
Just care too much

This thus provided by native Oklahoman McKenzie Ellis of the one-woman band Mothica, name derived from an overarching love of the downtrodden and oft abused namesake insect. “I had joked to my friends that I was a moth in a past life because moths are self-destructive and they’re nocturnal and they’re just like these underappreciated butterflies.” [Most excellent interview with Nick Major of idobi Radio]

Push me, pull me,
Break me, can’t let go,
My hands around your throat,
Won’t leave me alone

“A lot of the time […] the visuals are more what I’m focused on than the music. I just think of music like an artist would, I see melodies and I hear them visually. It’s weird.” Synesthesically curse/blessed? (^+5%) []

The song is taken from her most recent release Nocturnal, 17-tracks of dark intensity, jeopardizingly-close and sharingly-offputting auditory art. “It’s about owning the darkness, owning the night. It’s about knowing that you’ll never be completely healed and that you’ll always carry some darkness with you, but that it can be a beautiful, powerful thing. You will come out of the other side, and you will wake up and see morning again.” [Interview by Jake Richardson of]

“I’m just sensitive,
A vulnerable bitch,
Deadly but delicate,
I’m just sensitive”

Ironic to the song’s gist, the video is a pleasure to behold and oddly looks like a lot of FUN!

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