Queens Of The Stone Age ~ Head Like A Haunted House [2⊘18]

Best known to fans as QOTSA, Queens Of The Stone Age is a rock-heavy alternative band with occasional gothic tendencies as evidenced by this artfully-rendered/darkfully-influenced magickal deep dive into lead singer Josh Homme’s haunted (yet hallowed) headcheese … Continue reading Queens Of The Stone Age ~ Head Like A Haunted House [2⊘18]


Crunch-chunky-chopped nu-metal guitars escalate and abate within a seesaw, teeter-totter, merry-go-round tirade of lyrical abuses. It’s a punch-drunk ride on the PTSD rollercoaster, forecasted and exemplified by your very own Gray-shaded, Saw-inspired, custom-modded, sado-masochistic toy Bop-It! — battery required. “I’m anxious, so cautious, I’m easily … Continue reading MOTHICA ~ SENSITIVE [2⊘22]

The Dream Syndicate ~ Damian [2⊘22]

An aural atmosphere born of tie-dye shirts and bellbottom jeans mollycoddles us to a festival masquerade set in a lava lamp of hot-pink existential goo where blood-spattered disembodied heads chant a Floydian-homage to our funhouse-mirror lives filled carnival games unhinged and non-refundable. “The clock is ticking on the wall, She doesn’t think of you at all, No more, Anymore. ~ Parlor tricks and swizzle sticks, … Continue reading The Dream Syndicate ~ Damian [2⊘22]