Dark Side Of Light – Moist

Soon-to-be darlings of Los Angeles (if there is a God), Dark Side Of Light are the ‘Tripped Out Beatniks’ Nik Frost (singer/songwriter/DJ) and Grant Conway (drummer/producer/engineer) teamed up to create something original and evolutionary in their native land of the angels to “counteract the anxiety-filled hours of our new normal.” Thus, freshly released (January 2021), ‘Moist’ is their first original release, complete with Cornelius-like vocals layered in waves over an Escher-ized crawling bass. A veritable witch’s cauldron of sexualized energy, hidden in the basement of a temple with its own stripper pole, replete with alien dancers, beautiful and otherworldly, twisting and gyrating to syncopated rhythms in a visually-arresting funhouse of mirrors. Join in on the orgy, but be advised to bring your own snorkel.

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3 thoughts on “Dark Side Of Light – Moist

  1. The name sent me back to the 80’s and I’m working in experimental theater in a Mid-Western city and I don’t remember the show but remember the song, “You’re so moist, my dear.”. I did not realize that so many people abhor, hate, detest the word moist. Their response was visceral. I cannot abide the sound of people scraping their fork over their teeth then smacking their lips with their mouths open. Po-tay-to/Po-tah-to.

    I really like the drummer. I need headphones or something because I could not discern the bass line beyond fuzztone. Fuzztone feeds the hypnotic effect, it’s an appropriate choice.

    I know I am 2,000 miles and 40 years away from their preferred demographic but I enjoyed this and would listen to more.

    1. For a band just starting, I believe their demographic is huge. The twice-times I have featured their most excellent work have both blown my blog up with more Facebook shares and blog likes than all the rest of my reviews combined. Moist in particular seems to have broad appeal, but I believe their work overall to be highly exceptional and greatly look forward to their release of a full album. <3 🙂

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