Dark Side Of Light – Moist

Soon-to-be darlings of Los Angeles (if there is a God), Dark Side Of Light are the ‘Tripped Out Beatniks’ Nik Frost (singer/songwriter/DJ) and Grant Conway (drummer/producer/engineer) teamed up to create something original and evolutionary in their native land of the angels to “counteract the anxiety-filled hours of our new normal.” Thus, freshly released (January 2021), ‘Moist’ is their first original release, complete with Cornelius-like vocals layered in waves over an Escher-ized crawling bass. A veritable witch’s cauldron of sexualized energy, hidden in the basement of a temple with its own stripper pole, replete with alien dancers, beautiful and otherworldly, twisting and gyrating to syncopated rhythms in a visually-arresting funhouse of mirrors. Join in on the orgy, but be advised to bring your own snorkel.

  • Dark Side Of Light music can be bought or played from the links provided here and their website is here

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