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I’m honored to have been asked by Rann of the GodHatesGoths blog to write a guest post about the song “Think I’m Crazy” by Brooklyn, New York-based artist Two Feet. The music moniker of singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Bill Dess, Two Feet is my favorite artist at the moment, so I’m happy to write about him and his music any time! I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live in Los Angeles in late 2018, and think he’s one of the finest guitarists around today. His incredible guitar work, combined with his smoldering yet vulnerable vocals, make for music that’s both strongly affecting and highly appealing. His songs are slow burns, characterized by intense, bluesy riffs, cool jazz and hip-hop undertones, and booming synth bass grooves, courtesy of his longtime collaborator keyboardist/programmer Geoffrey Hufford (aka Huff). As another music writer so beautifully put it – “his songs are the soundtrack for staying up late into the night, aching to figure out how to remedy heartbreak, anxiety, and uncertainty.”

Beginning with the release of his breakout single “Go Fuck Yourself” in 2016, Two Feet has been on a creative tear, releasing several singles, including his #1 hit “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” in 2018, and two outstanding albums, the most recent of which was last year’s Pink. Since that album’s release, he’s dropped several more singles, one of which – “Think I’m Crazy” – came out last October. The song was written and sung from the perspective of an alter ego character he created named Max Maco, and describes feelings of losing a grip on reality “I think I’m crazy, lately. Everything is hazy. Everything and anything I ever want to do. I think I’m crazy lately, feeling like I’m faded everywhere I go.”

Musically, the song features a hypnotic thumping bass groove, overlain with eerie synths, crisp percussion and Two Feet’s pulsating guitar notes that create a dark vibe that’s at once both sexy and menacing. I love his vocals, which go from a sultry, earnest croon to a soaring falsetto in the choruses. I love every song Two Feet has ever released, and “Think I’m Crazy” ranks among the best of them. The song recently spent 16 weeks on my personal Weekly Top 30, peaking at #3, and also spent several weeks on the Billboard Alternative chart.

[ It was my pleasure to have Jeff share his excellent music review here. He is (obviously) a gifted writer that unsurprisingly has an exceptional blog called Eclectic Music Lover located here and Facebook here. One of my favorite features of Jeff’s is his Top 30 songs list he publishes weekly — it’s like having your own personal music muse. Highly recommended to check him out for an even more diverse selection of aural pleasures. (Also, his review of Two Feet’s song ‘Fire’ is here) — Rann aka disturbedByVoices ]

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  1. As far as guest posts go, having Jeff writing one is like asking Paul McCartney to sing a song in your album 🙌

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