Dark Side Of Light ~ Summer Breeze

Take a classic song, a favorite tune cloaked in nostalgia, add one newly-minted, highly-talented Los Angeles band and straightaway find yourself in possession of a soundtrack to one’s future unwritten memories. Dark Side Of Light are the electro-acoustic soundchild of Californian natives Nik Frost and Grant Conway that were surprisingly-shocked to find their debut release, a gorgeous new take on Seals and Croft’s “yacht rock” classic Summer Breeze, to be so widely appreciated. “We didn’t really know what we had or how seriously to take anything we’d done,” said Frost.

Obvious to us though.

A music built of their intrinsic abilities and core influences in symbiosis so deeply ingrained as to be foundational to their art. This, a gentle re-invention of a deeply-rooted seventies-era classic — a lyrical day-in-the-life with its minor melodies drifting over happy-sad gossamer-synths, softly-strummed guitars, and glitchified-flourishes. Of blazingly-sunny days colored with jasmine-scented breezes and sea sprays speckling your windswept face. A feeling not oft felt, fleetingly ephemeral, and immensely enjoyable.

  • Dark Side Of Light music can be bought or played from the links provided here and their website here
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