Jane Weaver ~ Did You See Butterflies?

The beauty that is Jane Weaver is in her intrinsic ability to so delightfully and depthfully portray emotions in such a simple yet under-the-skin manner. Jane worked with Paolo Suhonen (a longtime favorite of hers) to create the video for Did You See Butterflies? — the video itself a study in retrospective art made to perhaps better portray the mindfuck that is undertaking the rebuilding of the nuclear waste of a now-defunct relationship.

“I’ve been trying to find another map, for this love…”

Wandering the catacombs of ones memories in an attempt to find the least painful way to reinvent the pathway to a love once brightly shone, still fadingly-visible, and highly sought after.

Where the destination’s still intact, to the sun…

Jane appears to wander in a sepia-induced haze, the maze of a cluttered and forsaken junkyard, at once wearing a fur coat from yesteryear, then a dress of giant polka dots more reminiscent of the hippie era. Oddly, the video seems highly-aged, as does its content of decaying homes and vehicles.

And the patterns are confusing me, to this love, don’t be alone…

The music is inspirational in her use of early electronic (and otherwise) instrumentation from the before-time she so adeptly commandeers. One of her many gifts, the ability to turn the “old and busted” of yesteryear into the “new hotness” of the neo-yesterday through the constant reinvention of herself and her tools. (Jane Weaver Studio Tour here)

Did you see, butterflies? On the map, changing light…

A sound not unlike that of Stereolab with Lush whispery-vocals, a cascading childlike sing-song of innocence built of sheer willful, if unlikely, hope… a strangled cry of the forlorn.

…images, paradigm, never fade, fossilized.

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      1. yeah, I probably hear Joy Division in everything, they and Portishead run
        quietly in my noggin all the time… glad to hear you heard it too though ⏭

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