Sufjan Stevens ~ Run Away With Me

Hauntingly beautiful… Clearly, not the first time a song written by Sufjan (pronounced Sufyan) Stevens has been described thusly, yet nevertheless true. His abilities are the rarest trifecta, the talent to write lovely music, the skillful glorious prose, and the gift of wrapping it all up in a heartfelt, emotional bow.

They will terrorize us, With new confusion, With the fear of life that seeks to bring despair within

Sufjan is a Persian name of Armenian origin meaning “slender” and was given to Stevens by the leader of his parent’s interfaith spiritual community. Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1975, Sufjan went on to graduate from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, Phi Beta Kappa and later to earn a MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from The New School in New York City.

And they will paralyze us, With new illusions, Let the dead revive the beast within

A thoroughly multifaceted musician, Stevens plays: acoustic/electric guitar, piano, bass, drum kit, oboe, sax, flute, banjo, accordion, vibraphone, recorder, organ, and glockenspiel, thus layered by multitrack recording to create his songs of love, religion, and grief in his numerous genres including folk, rock, pop, avant-garde, and that which we have in specie here, electronica (Wikipedia).

And I will bring you life, A new communion, With a paradise that brings the truth of light within

The Ascension, his ninth solo album and bearer of the song in question, is a masterpiece of electronica and a thoroughly fascinating view of our world through the eyes of a once devout believer. In “Run Away With Me” he uses deep bass mingled with understated glitchy-rhythms in gentle oceanic-washes of blue synth and melodic sermon-esque vocals to preach of being finished with lies — the death of the once believed omnipotent, and the ipso facto embracing of the new. Of love in all of its splendor and magic.

And I will show you rapture, A new horizon, Follow me to life and love within”

And I say, love, Come run away with me, Sweet falling remedy, Come run…

  • Sufjan Stevens’ music can be bought on his website here and Apple here, listened to on Spotify here, and followed on Facebook here
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