Ludovico Technique ~ Embrace

Let’s start by pointing out the elephant in the room… this video is sexy. Tres sexy. It seems to have been exclusively designed to get under the skin of any potentially “male-interested goth-type“, and does so exceptionally well with its velvety synths, silky vocals, and lyrics that are… rather to-the-point. Ludovico Technique, sometimes teased as Ludo Tech, is made up of lead singer Ben V- along with keyboardist Evan B- and drummer Alex A- hailing from Orlando, Florida. Their band name is in reference to a technique used in the cult-classic A Clockwork Orange as an aversion therapy performed by strapping an individual to a chair, drugging them with an experimental catalyst, then forcing them to watch violent films with their eyes pried open in an attempt to condition said patient’s future behavior (FANDOM). This single, and the two prior singles Up to the Flames and Live as Myself, are newly released and planned content of the band’s eagerly-anticipated upcoming album Haunted People. Vocalist Ben V- does an amazing job of acting out the highly-sexualized provocateur, a disembodied ivory head in the jet-black surroundings of a dimly candlelit room — a male siren crooning his carrion-call while oozing sensuality as a seducer in dire need of his conquest. “My hands, locked around you, in a loving embrace, until the end of our days.” A song of pure-unadulterated conquest of the carnal, where the purported ‘hug’ is only a veiled-promise of true intentions.

  • Ludovico Technique’s music can be bought on their website here and Apple here, listened to on Spotify here, and followed on Facebook here

6 thoughts on “Ludovico Technique ~ Embrace

  1. He’s working a Jim Morrison, early Doors aesthetic through a glass darkly. If he’d have been around when I was young I might have tried a Goth period. I’m a bit more Metal and Punk now. I have no clue where those tastes came from. Everyone I grew up with is oldies or Country. Well…jazz and Classical as well as opera are a given degree.

    1. Appreciation, yes. I was in band class for 7 years (concert/jazz) as a saxophonist and I learned a lot about music alone, as well as my sax. Sounds like you went much further. Best to you friend. =)

    1. Hadn’t heard of that song until now. Listening to it now — such a great song. Definitely a precursor to a lot of the music I like today. They were obviously way ahead of their time.

      1. a lot of good stuff was happening underneath – I was in my teens when the 101ers who were squatters from Maida Vale in London (later The Clash) and then the likes of the Sister’s of Mercy (who weren’t heard of back then, except in Leeds, there was a lot of squatting going on.) It was mostly about the attitude too…. a solid sense of Unity, which is how Test Department (squatters from Deptford, London) got involved in the 84/85 Miners Strike ; the mingling meant that The Miners, in turn showed up in coach loads to the very first Pride in London (’85)….lots of solidarity among people and very working class too….for a time, at least

  2. for contact with some of the real players back then check out ‘Dave Skum Vanian’ which is his real name by deed pole, on fb he’s a true true legend and old mate of mine, and he’s got proper tales to tell…. in fact he’s a story all by himself…

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