TVAM ~ Bitplain [2⊘19]

In a world where isolation has more or less been the new standard, one’s thoughts turn to our new communication norms and what they allow us to share and how. With Bitplain, TVAM are plumbing the depths of our mental connectivity to others through computer circuitry; a potential bond between the stark cold silicon and the fleshy bits that make us up. Per TVAM, “…as we recreate ourselves in noughts (zeros) and ones, our bodies will crumble to dust but our digital legacy will last forever.”

So much of our recent communication has been incomplete, a broken circuit, a digital thought-sharing or literal mind-melding between one or more participants that may or may not be real, since we lack the ability to reach out and touch, feel, or smell.

A future where we think-less, dream more, and self-soothe — give in and retreat inside the digital.

Waves built of an almost foghorn-like sound combine with staccato stacked claps that percussively rise and fall, ebb and floe. A disembodied voice plaintive with an in-just slight-trust-foreboding, warning if we don’t revert. A Rorschachian test of mirrored memories shaping our new reality.

Self immolation that forces us forward, crushingly into an unyielding silicon wall that welcomes thought, but meat will not permeate.

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3 thoughts on “TVAM ~ Bitplain [2⊘19]

  1. reeperkeeper and crystlineseeker had an affair…
    distracted by the simplicity of the horse ridden highways of the binary code,
    your carbon DNA will erode,
    plasma fields, crystallograohic poppy seeds,
    activated by your finger tips, eye movements and deep seated alien beings,
    the difference between ontogeny and phylogeny isn’t so beguiling,
    at 72 degrees in a 52pt symmetry,
    your crystalline self will emerge,
    take the medicine app,
    make your algorithmicself,

    the St James Bible did much the same thing,
    its the Enlightenment to blame,
    killing God but selling Jesus in a new way,

    self sublates, de-centres, substratum encounter,
    transitory deception with Utopian function,
    exclusion in the holistic app application,
    schedules of reinforcement when all consciousness is lost,

    the St James Bible did much the same thing,
    its the Enlightenment to blame,
    killing God but selling Jesus,
    in a new way….

    impromptu… there’s much more going on and we know it… we’re doing it… right NOW…

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