O. Children – Ruins

Lead singer Tobi O’Kandi standing at a larger-than-life 6’8″ smoothly croons in characteristic baritone this one of a pair of minor hits from 2009/2010 (the other penned “Dead Disco Dancer“). Sadly, O’ Children (so named for a Nick Cave song) have since broken up with O’Kandi a now solo act. Interestingly, previous to O. Children, O’Kandi was paired with drummer Andi Sleath in the band Bono Must Die, until said U2 namesake sued them from existence. Properly fitting then, “Ruins“, as a final epitaph to this appreciably talented group of musicians. “The sand of the desert, the eyes of the damned. I’ve got nothing to say, I feel fine I’m OK.

More here: https://ochildren.bandcamp.com/

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