The Doctors – Unterwelt (Underworld)

Also known as, dctrs, The Doctors were founded in Bordeaux, France in 2010 and anything else regarding them is surprisingly difficult to uncover. Happily though, they personify a favorite genre portmanteau “coldwave” to the hilt. Off-kilter and broken clockworks-sounding with just enough grittiness of normality to carry itself lurchingly upright and forward, with a video to match, “Underworld” is free to darken my soul at its pleasure.

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4 thoughts on “The Doctors – Unterwelt (Underworld)

  1. Thanks to your blog I will become very trendy, I have two teenagers, and I might surprise them;)
    I did not know this group, I live in Bordeaux!
    It’s a good sound
    thank you very much

    1. Lol, I certainly hope so, although to be fair much of my usual fare can be somewhat obscure. Maybe if they haven’t heard some of the tracks, they may still enjoy them too? You are most gracious my friend. I look forward to visiting France one day! ~Rann

      1. With pleasure, it is a country which conceals great discoveries, especially on the culinary level, it is not a myth! To begin with, our cheeses, breads, wines and champagnes are wonderful. Enough to make a minister’s meal;) !!

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