Django Django ~ In Your Beat [2⊘17]

A cursory search for “django” on Google will likely return a long list of references to the open-source web framework used in the creation of many powerful Python computer language-based web pages. However, there are numerous other meanings including those derived from several movies wherein it is colloquially referred to as a manner of badassery or toughness, even wannabe hoodlum idolatry or such. None of … Continue reading Django Django ~ In Your Beat [2⊘17]

New Order – Blue Monday [1983]

From the tragic ashes of the extraordinary band Joy Division would arrive, as a phoenix reborn, a rebranded New Order. The heartbreaking and untimely death of iconic vocalist and lyricist Ian Curtis would bring about a metamorphosis, not from pupa to chrysalis, but perhaps rather monarch to glasswing. This newer variation would build … Continue reading New Order – Blue Monday [1983]

Siouxsie And The Banshees ~ Peek-A-Boo [1988]

It was a dark and stormy night… or might have been if there was an omen of truth in advertising. Vocalist Susan Janet Ballion and bassist Steven John Bailey had met at a Roxy Music concert in September 1975 and by 1976 were members of the same group of notoriously rabid Sex … Continue reading Siouxsie And The Banshees ~ Peek-A-Boo [1988]

Antoine Diligent ~ Nobody Loves U (WYL) [2⊘19]

Psych-pop Antoine Diligent is, in reality, New Jersey native (and Los Angeles musician) Anthony Polcino. “‘Antoine Diligent’ was a pseudonym I had in my back pocket since the days I was in Beat Club. I’ve been a musician in Los Angeles for more than twelve years, and, during … Continue reading Antoine Diligent ~ Nobody Loves U (WYL) [2⊘19]

Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]

I was and still am a sucker for pure, unadulterated synthpop. From Abba and Bee Gees disco to new wave Duran Duran to the murmurings of industrial Depeche Mode and the revitalized Victorian gothicality of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It may seem like a progression away from pop, but in actuality, it is simply a fork-in-the-road diffusion between light and darkness. Both are still appealing and mixtures of the two sometimes bleed … Continue reading Cannons ~ Tunnel Of You [2⊘22]