art by disturbedbyvoices named "furies" portraying three different firey sirens entitled "faeries"

Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

With a furious fusion of delightfully dark and explosively effusive gothic jazz, Bootblacks’ “Birds” is truly one of the most beautiful and unique music videos ever produced, even apparently filmed live. It should therefore surprise no one that the sparse though richly-imbued lyrics would be equally unique, cryptically mimicking the video’s dreamy surreality, with hints alone to hone their implied meaning. “I dwell in possibility … Continue reading Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

original art by disturbedByVoices entitled "bloodclot" copyright 2023

AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

One of the more unfortunate things I have learned from my Gen Z daughter is the prevalent undercurrent of fear in their generation. An inherent dread of voicing the wrong sentiment and offending one another with everyone seemingly wearing their naked heart on their sleeve, open to unintentional attack, and corresponding haphazard reprisal. No one is safe it seems; friendship and constructive criticism be damned. It is … Continue reading AFI ~ Miss Murder [2⊘⊘6]

R. Missing ~ Kelly Was A Philistine [2⊘17]

At first glance, what appears to be a song about a child kidnapping rapidly morphs otherwise. In fact, what the song really seems to be about is rather mysterious and cryptic, also perhaps unsurprisingly describing the song’s architects, New York’s “duo-inscrutable”, R. Missing, their song “Unsummering” previously featured here. “She’s not on the playground … Continue reading R. Missing ~ Kelly Was A Philistine [2⊘17]

The Smiths ~ Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before [1988]

“The Hungerford Massacre was a spree shooting in Hungerford, England, United Kingdom, on 19 August 1987, when 27-year-old Michael Ryan shot dead sixteen people, including an unarmed police officer and his own mother, before shooting himself. The shootings, committed using a handgun and two semi-automatic rifles, occurred at several locations, including … Continue reading The Smiths ~ Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before [1988]

Interpol ~ Lights [2⊘1⊘]

The curtains fall: ingestion, extraction, collection. Dank, ill, and enigmatic, Interpol’s “Lights” music video is a short study in implied horror. A tangled pain/pleasure principle. A promised Kool-Aid ecstatic transcendence. Soul donations in existential exchange for deeper waters to float face-down in. “All that I see, Show me your ways, Teach me to … Continue reading Interpol ~ Lights [2⊘1⊘]