a collage of the three artists that make up band Violens from their video "All Night Low" by disturbedByVoices

Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

Of the many idiosyncracies of YouTube, some of the most annoying are those videos that are “age-restricted” or “made-for-kids” and for entirely different reasons. One can understand, even empathize with adult content being restricted, inarguably lauded by some artists as a kudo of sorts. But the made-for-kids restriction is utterly flummoxing as it removes the ability to save the video to any playlist for no … Continue reading Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

art by disturbedbyvoices named "furies" portraying three different firey sirens entitled "faeries"

Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

With a furious fusion of delightfully dark and explosively effusive gothic jazz, Bootblacks’ “Birds” is truly one of the most beautiful and unique music videos ever produced, even apparently filmed live. It should therefore surprise no one that the sparse though richly-imbued lyrics would be equally unique, cryptically mimicking the video’s dreamy surreality, with hints alone to hone their implied meaning. “I dwell in possibility … Continue reading Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

Kim Dracula image taken from video Make Me Famous tweaked to look more horrific with mouth wide

Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

As we all know, there are real vampires. They sleep in coffins during the day, cannot be seen in mirrors, can shapeshift into bats at will, have long sharp canine teeth, and survive by laying waste to human subjects at night by sucking them dry of blood or turning them. There may also be emotional or energy vampires (see ingenious What We Do in the … Continue reading Kim Dracula ~ Make Me Famous [2⊘22]

deathbyromy artistic hellish water nymph i don't believe in anything

DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Entropy: ĕn′trə-pē : a measure of the disorder, chaos, or randomness in a closed system coined from a Greek word for transformation with far-reaching implications and far-ranging applications in chemistry and physics, in cosmology, economics, sociology, weather … Continue reading DeathbyRomy – I Don’t Believe in Anything [2⊘22]

Original art by disturbedByVoices titled "sphinx".

Sonic Youth ~ Kool Thing [199⊘]

“LL slowly approaches, checking me out but stopping to talk to friends. I jump up, walk over, grab his hand, introduce myself and say, ‘Can I shake your hand?’ He’s aloof. I marvel how boys who’re tough or cool to cover up their sensitivity keep attracting girls and fooling themselves. LL has honed this juvenile tendency to a skill. It’s the kind of thing white … Continue reading Sonic Youth ~ Kool Thing [199⊘]