Black Nail Cabaret ~ No Gold

No Gold is a multi-layered musical metaphor on embracing the impermanence of life and its fleeting imperfections shared in a skull-shaving session with heartfelt beauty and candor. “Change is inevitable. Mental or physical, local or global, it’s always happening. Sometimes we have to drop the old skin to give place to the new growing underneath.”, states Emese ‘Emke’. Undeniably, as this appears a multifaceted gift … Continue reading Black Nail Cabaret ~ No Gold

Final Body ~ Lose Health

Imagine aimfully wandering around your city, your home, translucency at once overlooked. A topsy-turvy world unwished-for and in forceful denial of the fleshly. Yet you, still brim with love, actively seeking and praying for that which would resolve your agonizingly-evident dilemma. “Let me know that you notice me…” Continue reading Final Body ~ Lose Health

JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)

Of this music video’s most striking elements: – A half-chest bloodied dress – A perused skin mag – A man of dilly-dallying disinterest – A little red riding hood / big bad wolf metaphor – A contents-yet-unknown basket (The End, isn’t) – A box of multi-flavored jellybeans And a slyly-lurking siren closely astride throughout. Maybe it’s an awakening. A realization that one is perhaps a … Continue reading JUNKSISTA ~ Life Is Unfair (& Love Is A Bitch)