She Past Away ~ Soluk (Pale) [2⊘15]

Turkish band She Past Away conspired with Los Angeles’ Drab Majesty to present Soluk (Pale), an open invitation in surreal recognition of a dying civilization. This, unceremoniously designated the first “Double Feature” on GodHatesGoth, as it has proven difficult to choose between the original video track and the U.K.’s Kill Shelter’s beat-boosted remix — the former being a more illustrative video, and the latter gilded with additional industrial-edgy goodness.

All three bands have been featured here before: She Past Away’s Sanri (Hallucination), Drab Majesty’s 39 By Design, and Kill Shelter’s Bodies (ft. Buzz Kull). Pleasure being a natural derivative of such collaboration when hands of this caliber entwine and unselfishly collide to raise such infernal hellfire as to aurally burn, and ravish.

Remember the sage,
One that leads,
Don’t submit!
With the consciousness of the void

The original Soluk, a wasteland of mortuary-monochrome and apparitions adrift in an echo chamber of twangy-bass strummed-syncopated drums of regret. The remix, a doubling down of original best bits blitzed in dizzy-swirly variations culminating in a luxuriously-layered cacophony of hard-bent steel strings and tribal beats awash amongst synthetic-minor cradled hollow howls.

“Faulty design,
It is near the end,
Sprouting with lies,
Is rotting”

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