THEN COMES SILENCE ~ Can’t Hide [2⊘13]

This stop-motion animated video artfully reanimates a myriad cast of characters: American Gothic farmers that sashay in time, a whirled baby head that karaokes lyrics, Shining twins of skull and spine, a casketed corpse that merrily rots and heals at whims, and a drowned man resurfaced then returned to murky depths. Each character rejoined with the living in a carnival cavalcade of musical celebration, yet sporting dead-empty eye sockets that stare with vindictive vacancy, perhaps alive with an unseen, unknowable agenda.

(Incidentally and anecdotally, while Ouija boards may work fine inside old houses and buildings, they most interestingly don’t seem to work where the dead aren’t at all, in graveyards, which would be no fun at all…)

Once again the ever multi-talented Stockholm team THEN COMES SILENCE are returned, this time brandishing clever monochromatic art living dead inspired vignettes congealed in musical harmony. Their third music video to be featured here (a first trifecta), it may be older and grittier but still exudes a simple stylish, if bony-toe-tapping, verve. [Previous posts: Good Friday and Rise To The Bait]

Don’t get lost in the night,
Don’t believe the light,
Don’t get lost in the night,
Into the dark and gone

The drawings used in the video were hand-inked by band bassist and lead singer Alex Svensson, and are “intended as tribute to the cruel tales of old times.” The band remarking in an email a want to “create a contrasting feeling with the quiet nasty drawings against the music’s loud noise.” [See Jonathan Eklund’s review on GAFFA]

It’s the days of silence,
And the way of fear,
It’s the days of silence,
Rising up inside

Sadly, the dark-spirited merry-go-round begins and ends all too quickly, with the newly seen unseen left as fading reminders of the old adage, you can run, but you can’t hide… (from a ghost).

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