Black Nail Cabaret ~ No Gold [2⊘2⊘]

No Gold is a multi-layered musical metaphor on embracing the impermanence of life and its fleeting imperfections shared in a skull-shaving session with heartfelt beauty and candor. “Change is inevitable. Mental or physical, local or global, it’s always happening. Sometimes we have to drop the old skin to give place to the new growing underneath.”, states Emese ‘Emke’. Undeniably, as this appears a multifaceted gift from her to Die Haarspender (The Hair Donator’s non-profit organization), and to herself as she stretches outside her comfort zone spurring furtherance of strength and growth. “This song is a daydreamer, but at the same time it is taking action. It was a way of letting go for me, of people’s expectation, of my expectations, of my symbols… to enjoy it a little, you know.

I overdosed my soul,
With beautiful fragments of you,
I overdosed my soul,
With beautiful fragments

I don’t mind getting dirty,
Nothing gold can stay

The pop-noir duo that is Black Nail Cabaret formed in 2008 and originally hailed from Budapest, Hungary, are now based in London, England. “The name Black Nail Cabaret came from their everyday tool in the gothic subculture: the black nail polish. Cabaret means they don’t take it so serious.” []

Krisztian Arvai (composer, mixing), Emese ‘Emke’ Arvai-Illes (lyrics, composer). Photo by Richard Besenczi.

Taken from their 2020 full-album release Gods Verging On Sanity, song No Gold begins with a simplicity that belies its oncoming layered complexities, building in waves that ebb and flow as tides of oceanic splendor erode storied boulders of contentment via currents of self-initiated turbulence.

“I don’t want anything else from you,
But to burn just like me,
I don’t want anything else from you,
But to ache just like me
Let’s heal wounds together,
One becomes many,
Many become one,
You may be my Devil,
You may be my God!”

The video exudes an honesty of soul and a fragility of spirit we all might have if we too had the courage to destroy an unbroken and integral part of our psyche for the benefit of maintaining an unpent soul and an empathetic nature. This gift, a visually arresting treatise on avoiding the madness of complacency while embracing and stimulating one’s own simple path to godliness is a pleasure to behold.

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