a collage of the three artists that make up band Violens from their video "All Night Low" by disturbedByVoices

Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

Of the many idiosyncracies of YouTube, some of the most annoying are those videos that are “age-restricted” or “made-for-kids” and for entirely different reasons. One can understand, even empathize with adult content being restricted, inarguably lauded by some artists as a kudo of sorts. But the made-for-kids restriction is utterly flummoxing as it removes the ability to save the video to any playlist for no … Continue reading Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

art by disturbedbyvoices of a masked doctor with pills and needles named "wanting"

Propter Hoc – Ask Dr. Mueller [2⊘23]

Little-known Propter Hoc [adv. lat.] meaning “because of this” hails from the Scottish borders of the U.K., self-described as coldwave, darkwave, and post-punk, of which little else is known. You almost wonder that he even bothers to have social media accounts as he shares new releases and little else. Though to be fair, he does seem modest perhaps to a fault. “Endless night, Black orchids. The lights are naked, And I’m eclipsed … Continue reading Propter Hoc – Ask Dr. Mueller [2⊘23]

Artistic rendition of carnival freaks surrounded by butterflies entitled "vultures"

Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over [1993]

If you have yet to witness the beauty of Dead Can Dance, this is as apt a song as could be as introduction. “The Carnival Is Over” appears as an homage to those wonderful circus freaks otherwise noteworthy as society’s shunned and exploited, unfortunate souls first rejected … Continue reading Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over [1993]

art by disturbedbyvoices named "furies" portraying three different firey sirens entitled "faeries"

Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

With a furious fusion of delightfully dark and explosively effusive gothic jazz, Bootblacks’ “Birds” is truly one of the most beautiful and unique music videos ever produced, even apparently filmed live. It should therefore surprise no one that the sparse though richly-imbued lyrics would be equally unique, cryptically mimicking the video’s dreamy surreality, with hints alone to hone their implied meaning. “I dwell in possibility … Continue reading Bootblacks – Birds [2⊘13]

an artful representation to Poppy's song "Church Outfit"

Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]

Poppy’s fans are devout, rabid, resolute, and legion, and for good reason. Poppy’s has been a singular life and a testament to the courage and willpower many of us strive for yet often fail to realize. Her fans are aware of the conviction with which she creates her art and understand her affable intensity. Deeper still, her art divines a defiant soul, cause célèbre of … Continue reading Poppy ~ Church Outfit [2⊘23]