PINK TURNS BLUE ~ Not Gonna Take It [2⊘22]

There is a story-turned-philosophy, that even its author does not believe. A philosophy that each of us is actually each other. This is the “Egg Theory“, so-called for Andy Weir’s short story “The Egg”. In it, I am you, you are me, and we are all one individual, at any time over the history of mankind. Every day, interacting with different versions of ourselves. Environmentally different, genetically different, and differently challenged versions of ourselves, but ultimately simply, just one of us.

“I wanted the reader to change their mindset (if only for a short time)
and start imagining themselves really being the people they meet.”
~ Andy Weir, author

As such, when I hurt you, I only hurt myself. If I am a racist, misogynist, or bigoted xenophobe, I only punish myself. And while I have not yet decided its potential of truth (and probably never will), the concept is certainly worthy of its own allotted amount of mental masturbation, if for no other reason than it might make me a better person, though it should not.

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged
with what you are doing in the here and now.
And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

~ Alan Watts, author

The band is Pink Turns Blue, and they are the real thing, directly from the 80s, all grown up and still kicking ass. They are a German post-punk group from Berlin, originally formed in 1985, and known for “a sound reminiscent of new wave with very dark undertones, part of the (then) developing sub-genre of darkwave.” [] My second reference to team Hüsker Dü (see Gravenhurst), Pink Turns Blue is named after their song “Pink Turns To Blue” examining the devastating effects of drug addiction and ultimately overdose. [lyrics, music added below for completeness and savage beauty]


There is another philosophy that posits we all wear a hidden hat that holds a perfectly clear pane of glass in front of our eyes, on which each of our personal beliefs is written. And while the lesser of these beliefs may be written smaller and less visibly, the stronger are written much larger and in all CAPS BOLD. This is our Belief Window and we view our world through it. It is a shortcut through which we simplify our decision-making, and therefore it exerts a tremendous amount of influence over our lives. For some, its sacred writings are malleable with gained knowledge, yet for others, they remain immutable, indelible.

Bullying, abuse, intolerance, marginalization, oppression, prejudice, and hatred all have their foundations in fear. and we should all stand tall against them, realizing that “what we allow” is “what will happen”. However difficult, we should persevere for our own well-being, and for those that we love, for all of our individual sake(s).

“You wait a lifetime to meet someone who understands you, accepts you as you are. At the end, you find that someone, all along, has been you. “
~ Richard Bach, philosopher, author


Pink Turns Blue’s

The concept of the “Belief Window” is taken from the “Reality Model” expounded by
Hyrum W. Smith, one of the original founders of FranklinCovey
Cover Art “dire wolves” © 2023 – disturbedByVoices – All Rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “PINK TURNS BLUE ~ Not Gonna Take It [2⊘22]

      1. No, not at all “over preachy”. Strongly is something that everyone should feel, but unfortunately life isn’t always just.
        Perhaps on a different wave, but I witness daily the effects of this, and it is ugly.

        much enjoyed and you welcome 🤍✨

  1. Good song with a glorious backup of guitar and drums. An old friend of mine was a drummer; he taught me to appreciate the role of the drummer in a band: he/she is the heartbeat that drives it all. As always, I found your write up interesting and thought provoking. 🖤

      1. I had to look up the lyrics…couldn’t understand them very well in the video. That being said, it’s a dark, sad song. It’s impossible to lift someone you love out of addiction; they have to want it for themselves. I have a beloved nephew who was into drugs, mainly meth, since he was around twenty. He’s forty-seven now, and 10 months clean. God, I hope it sticks. I love him so much.

      2. Drug addiction rarely ends well in my experience. It doesn’t help that we prefer to prosecute and jail rather than help them. I wish the best to your nephew and congratulate him on his progress. 🖤

      3. Blue Cheer’s rendition is the one from my younger days, but the original was recorded in 1958 by Eddie Cochran.

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