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Schrödinger – Bloody Eyes

A lot of the music I enjoy could be considered by some to be unconventional (yes, I’m strange even by goth standards). Well, how about a little gothic-surfer music? Schrödinger dropped this track from their debut album “Last Days on Earth” appropriately released on Halloween in this year of our lord, 2020. For many of us, the album title is unfortunately more than a little … Continue reading Schrödinger – Bloody Eyes

Handful of Snowdrops – Dead City

H|O|S has been around since 1984 and for good reason, their music resonates bittersweetly and contains more than its fair share of infectious hooks. In this more recent track, the stark imagery of the cemetary and its inhabitants laid to rest is juxtaposed with the beauty of the life of the listener. Be sure to at least listen to timecode 1:13 where this tune lifts … Continue reading Handful of Snowdrops – Dead City