Belgrado – Jeszcze Raz (Again)

Following along with my last post we have Belgrado now, another non-English brooding modern post-punk band, although Spanish this time with lyrics sung by a perhaps undeniably gorgeous Polish lead singer and based out of Barcelona, Spain. They are self-described as a “blend (of) the eyeliner-heavy swagger of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the fragile nihilism of Joy Division with the muscular attack of Killing … Continue reading Belgrado – Jeszcze Raz (Again)

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She Past Away – Sanri (Hallucination)

Oddly perhaps, She Past Away has become synonymous with darkwave and goth over their ten years existence – oddly since their lyrics of “minimalist poetry” are entirely sung in their native Turkish tongue. While unfamiliar to some, Turkish has a beastly beauty all its own and something about those vocals oozes gothic undertones such that when added to their signature beats, reverb, and deep bass … Continue reading She Past Away – Sanri (Hallucination)

IST IST – Right Before Your Eyes

The light simplicity with which this tune begins is deceptive as it slowly, resolutely builds to a driving intensity, a thunderous wall-of-sound with screeching guitars and then back again. The monochrome-shot video’s contrast matches finely with the see-saw measure of the song itself, while the subject matter aligns properly with their new album’s title, “Architecture”. Scratch me until it hurts. More here: Continue reading IST IST – Right Before Your Eyes