Fragrance. ~ Crawling To The Void [2⊘19]

Groove-drenched for enhanced danceability, ‘Crawling To The Void” is a gentle if affable invitation to a façade-hidden abyss of hyper-synesthesia. The song a spellbinding shimmery concoction of witch’s brew mixed Love Potion #9 and the second to be served here behind luscious song ‘Heatwave‘.

I’m falling in a void,
If you’re coming for some more,
If you crawl and dance,
You could see me across,
You should dance again,
Oh yeah, dance to me

Perhaps modest to a fault, Matthieu Roche of Parisian band Fragrance is seemingly a study in reticience with little else to share. His music overall, and this track in particular, is often compared to Pet Shop Boys and his vocals to Neil Tennant thereof, though not all fans agree. That said, it is hard to deny that this track would have been a huge hit in the 80s/90s with its uncommon perfectly-blended easy synth vibes, bouncy rhythms, and soft sultry vocalizations.

Roche considers (first album) Dust & Disorders to be a more claustrophobic, inward-looking affair with the new album taking steps into the outside world. ‘Semi-dreamed stories, relationship spirals and a thirst for liberation and relief’ are offered up as themes for ‘Now That I’m Real’. Interestingly, the full-stop at the end of name “Fragrance.” is not accidental but rather an affectation also utilized by gothic band Hante. []

“If you join me to the core,
There’s no wall here anymore”

Despite his lack of bluster, his talent remains obvious and unmistakeably deserving of greater attention, even and most especially if we lose ourselves in it (him).

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