Ductape ~ Sevmiyor (Doesn’t Love You Anymore) [2⊘21]

Mother Nature, Earth’s God, the Savior of Gaia is forgiving to a point. She tolerates our imperfection infection but also punishes us with abandon sans remorse. She is the blind force of nature, the genuine karmic distributor of purest retribution based on natural laws we are mostly aware of, though occasionally, thoughtlessly deny out of madness born of greed. A feigned ignorance.

“Restless, old, pale world,
You wanted it to turn around.”

I can’t say that Sevmiyor is talking about anything in particular, but mostly about a person who is no longer the same and the fact that the world no longer revolves around, who is no longer loved or who we don’t care about. occupies more and the world is witness to it and does not care.

Çağla in interview with Jeudombre.com

Istanbul’s Çağla (vocals, synths) and Furkan Güleray (guitars) are the post-punk/darkwave duo Ductape, “reflecting contradictions and inner chaos dancing with disappointments.” This, as evidenced by song Sevmiyor’s intro of dissonant pads pulsing off-color, off-center ambiance on-time to undulating bass/guitar married tribal beats that positively sparkle with synthetic tinker bells as Çağla’s lovely monotone Turkish vocals spoonfeed us the darkness we most crave. A culmination that gently crescendos to a blue/grey metronomic rocked-cradle chorus bearing witness to a criminally lost love.

“Didn’t see, didn’t see the end,
Those who stand in your way.
She doesn’t love you anymore.”

She thought the world of us and we dismissed her. She cried out as we played carelessly with deliberate apathy. She will survive though we may not. Already her tides have begun to turn, her fury stoked, repercussive waves cascading from her tremorous core. Eruptions sear skies to level atrocities unforgotten. Gale-force winds on ancient shores obliterate our sandcastles as her sun-baked hell irradiates and razes our souls heavenward (one hopes).

“Didn’t see, didn’t see the end,
Those who stand in your way.
He doesn’t love you anymore.”



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