L.S. Dunes ~ Permanent Rebellion [2⊘22]

L.S. Dunes is a ‘Supergroup’ — a more recently christened band made up of highly talented members from other groups. Some succeed so exceedingly well as to eclipse their original groups so mightily we forget they were forged from circumstance, rather than formed by happenstance. The most revered of these being worthy of GOAT Supergroup status (Greatest Of All Time).

Neither wait for your arrival,
Chastise in the weight of your approval.”

What ostensibly began with Cream in the 60s has now exploded with some of the most famous GOATs being Led Zeppelin, CSNY, The Eagles, This Mortal Coil, Mad Season, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle, Them Crooked Vultures, and Atoms For Peace, to namedrop a few. [wikipedia.org]

Image of the five members of L.S. Dunes all casually dressed in t-shirts with tattoos.

“Tongue-tied never rest,
Buried in your favorite dress.”

L.S. Dunes are comprised of Anthony Green (SaosinCirca Survive), Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), Tim Payne (Thursday), and Tucker Rule (Thursday). Word of the post-hardcore, emo supergroup first emerged when they appeared on the poster for Riot Fest in May 2022. “We wanted to do something where you can hear all our bands in it and yet, not have it sound like any one in particular,” said Rule adding, “Our roots are punk rock and hardcore, and the vibe is hope for all the lost souls.

This is like one of those dreams where random people from different points in your life are all in the same place. Except this one involves awesome musicians from awesome bands making awesome new music.

~danutd94 in YouTube comments section

Song ‘Permanent Rebellion’ quickly builds to an insane fusion of whipsawed talents working so ferociously-entwined so as to near-defy comprehension. Brief dips in intensity serve only to further embellish the already augmented ferocity felt within and without. The vocals, an atonal acrimonious scream to an unjust relationship of dubious value stretched thin, taut, still remaining dangerously elastic.

I don’t want to be alone like this,
Why don’t you make it what you want it to be?
I don’t want to be the victim here,
Another victim here


L.S. Dunes’

11 thoughts on “L.S. Dunes ~ Permanent Rebellion [2⊘22]

  1. This one will wake you up…shake you outta your grave awake. 😀 What a merciless beat.
    The only drawback is I had to look up the lyrics; as is the case with a lot of songs I like, I can’t understand what they’re screaming, though it does sound damn good. 🖤

    1. There are some recurrent themes here. I enjoy emotionally charged dynamic music, and music with sad overtones and/or backstories, of which this is obviously the former. Both is ideal. Add an impactful video and it becomes a no-brainer to publish. Love that word, ‘merciless’, quite apt.

      Very good point regarding the lyrics. I’ve been kicking around adding a lyrics link and I think I will now, thank you, Jai. 💀🖤

      1. I’m the same regarding music. I love songs that dredge up darker emotions. Same goes for movies and tv programs…no romantic comedies for this woman, think more “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter.”
        One would think I’m morose, but I’m not; I just revel in darkness.

      2. Ixnay on the ComRay, gotcha. Likewise, I’m afraid. Similarly, mine include, “Twilight Zone”, “Outer Limits”, and more recently, “Black Mirror”, and Netflix’s “Love Death + Robots”, in particular episode “Jibaro.” And more… I appreciate some old classics as well, their acting, more precious.

      3. I like all the above you mentioned. I watched all of Black Mirror some time ago, and have been checking for new episodes. It was weird how it seemed to just end three episodes into season five. On Love Death + Robots, I’ve watched some of it…don’t know if I’ve watched the particular episode you mentioned; I’ll have to check. I’m a Walking Dead fan, but was getting bored with it the last few seasons. Oh…and The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime—loved it! Utter darkness.
        What do you like with your popcorn? 🖤😊

      4. I really liked Black Mirror and hated that they ended it. So strange, I did the exact same thing with Walking Dead. Once they killed off the main character (the cop), the show seemed to go downhill rapidly (boring)… I need to watch Man in the High Castle. God, haven’t been to a theater in ages. Weirdly, probably Raisinets. I’m strange, I know it. What about you? 💀🖤

      5. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been to the theater as well. Seems like the last time I went, I saw I, Robot. Milk Duds for me. And I have a feeling you’re a good kind of strange. 😊🖤

      6. I hadn’t seen Jibaro; it was quite intense. I sort of thought they might get together when she slept with her leg over him on the bank. But the greedy bastard wanted her jewels and ruined it all. Men…🙄🖤

      7. Lol! It’s an absolute whirlwind of a masterpiece! She finally finds a man that she doesn’t kill with her song in his deafness, and he turns out to be a completely worthless insensitive prick (that happily receives his comeuppance in the end). The artwork is simply stunning. 🖤

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