The Mysterines ~ I WIN EVERY TIME [2⊘2⊘]

There is something in the human spirit that enjoys a good car wreck. Notably, if it is not anyone we know … okay, anyone we directly care about … maybe. The symbolic cover shot for this feature, and its represented song, remind me of something my first wife (meh) once told me. At the end of our ever-so rocky relationship, she informed me that of all the many arguments we had shared, of all the times we had blustered and flustered each other, of all the times I had gloriously won said arguments (most all of them by my unofficial tally), she had let me win every single one. And so in a moment, this beautiful (did I mention brilliant?) woman took back every, single, victory I thought I had managed. A devastating below-the-belt shot, dangling wreckage likely carelessly earned and rightfully deserved.

“You crossed your lover.
You sacrificed.
But you’ll never win another one no,
I win every time”

The Mysterines are a British alternative rock band from Liverpool comprising Lia Metcalfe (vocals and guitar), George Favager (bass guitar), Callum Thompson (guitar and backing vocals), and Paul Crilly (drums and backing vocals). Uncowardly and bracingly in-your-face, this band knows how to fuck you hard like you like it best.

Revving, finger-bleeding guitars power up to an atomic crescendo while drums pound a relentless tattoo. 19 year-old frontwoman Lia Metcalfe growls her refrain, embodying an unhinged persona with skillful ease. In the accompanying video, shot in isolation, Metcalfe behaves like the total rockstar she’s becoming – losing her mind in an attic bedroom filled with detritus, cigarettes and Jack Daniels.


“You begged for forgiveness.
You know I tried.
But now, your sorry mother will sing,
‘I win every time'”

The music video is an evident homage to PJ Harvery’s 1990’s crotch-arousing ground-breaking “Man-Size” (puns nakedly intentional and markedly required). Both videos, brazenly bared below, stretch achingly thin fabric over netherregions (U.K., naughty bits) in a not-so-subtle effort to make their points (OK, that one was unintentional, but I like it, so it stays.) Harvey’s lyrics are unwaveringly direct if nearly menacing in their sexual ferocity. The Mysterines’ perhaps less so, a more I win, you win, tit for that, who dares wear the pants in this relationship. God, I kill myself.

“I’m still winning baby.
No use in stopping me
I win every single time.


The Mysterines’

Wikipedia’s contributions held nothing back, naturally scoring again

7 thoughts on “The Mysterines ~ I WIN EVERY TIME [2⊘2⊘]

  1. I’ve been a PJ Harvey fan for quite a while, so am familiar with “Man-size” and the video, and I agree with your assessment of Metcalfe’s video seemingly being inspired by Harvey’s. Though, I do think Metcalfe’s song and video are both more frenetic and commanding. I think both songs—Harvey’s through channeling the masculine and Metcalfe’s grinning, crazy feminine—represent the power women wield over men because of what’s between their legs. Most men don’t want to admit it, act all macho like in Harvey’s lyrics to fool themselves into believing they hold all the power. But a man is no match for a woman who knows how to use what she’s got. And I’m not mocking the male of the species; it’s just nature. 🖤

    1. Sadly true, if short-sighted by those women. Some of us would rather bow out than be manipulated, which makes marriage an even more dicey endeavor. I have to be careful of my tendency to soapbox though. I tried to keep a more lighthearted reverie here, partially because I don’t have much opportunity for that on this blog, due to its primary nature. Reminds me of a comedian that once did a bit (might’ve been that jackass Louis C.K.) where a buddy of his couldn’t imagine how (Louis) had decided to get married and have sex with only one woman for the rest of his life. Whereupon (Louis) responded, “Sex with one woman?! I’d be *happy* to have sex with only one woman!”, sarcastically.

      1. I never was a game player in a relationship, but often saw how men were played by women, most particularly if the woman was attractive and manipulative. But guys are visual, I get that. I was raised by conservative parents, in a conservative part of the country, and never felt comfortable at the thought of using my body to get what I wanted. All I ever wanted in a relationship/marriage was a man I could respect and one who respected me. And love, of course. Love/lust is easy to come by, but respect, not so much so. Guess I’m the one getting on a soapbox. Sorry…some days are just sucky.

      2. Lol, you’re allowed to soapbox here, you’re my guest (plus it gives me an excuse). Sometimes, it seems the more you give something, the less it’s returned. I find that true of both love and respect, which saddens me. I give it anyway, and if it isn’t reciprocated, I just walk away. I have little tolerance anymore. I know it sounds trite, but life really is too short to spend with some people. 🖤💀

      3. Sometimes, one has no choice but to stay and still be able to live with oneself…so one has to make the best of it one can.

      4. I would like to wholeheartedly apologize here if I was insensitive or boorish. As you stated, sometimes we do get in these situations where our options are but singular in nature and not to our liking. I’ve been there and just consider myself lucky to have more freedom at the moment, although its companion is loneliness. Your insights into my blog entries have been a joy to read and respond to. Whether or not you continue to engage with me, please accept my apology. In this short period of time I have begun to consider you a friend and never intended to offend. 🖤

      5. Rann, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for; I didn’t take offense. You only shared your current situation in life. But I have to admit, I envy you your ability to walk away. 🖤

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