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Propter Hoc – Ask Dr. Mueller [2⊘23]

Little-known Propter Hoc [adv. lat.] meaning “because of this” hails from the Scottish borders of the U.K., self-described as coldwave, darkwave, and post-punk, of which little else is known. You almost wonder that he even bothers to have social media accounts as he shares new releases and little else. Though to be fair, he does seem modest perhaps to a fault.

“Endless night, Black orchids
The lights are naked, And I’m eclipsed
All my lies, On your lips
This corrosion, Is how we live”

In a video shared on Instagram, a friend/interviewer said to him, “You know you want to remain completely anonymous. You being so reclusive and everything is probably only gonna make people more interested in your music,” to which he replies drolly, “Yeah, what a drag.”

picture of band propter hoc


His track “Ask Dr. Mueller” is a morosely jaunty walk through a lovesick pharmaceutical Apocalypse Now, taken from his latest 2023 album False Confessions, a personal favorite of his many releases after previous album Surviving Civilisation. Each of his previous works progressively builds upon the last, being more and more delightfully haunted by his own uniquely eighties-evocative ear-wormy goodness.

“Each hotel, Second guessed
Inclinations, Unconfessed
A broken chair, To wear your dress
A little morphine, To hold your breath

In another rare instance of openness, he further shared on Instagram, “The idea is not to figure out what’s happening, or to make something bad or good. The idea is simply to have something happen, make something happen, not to figure out what it is. If all you want (is to?) start figuring it out, then you don’t know anyway. Then you’re just a corpse.” Seemingly strong words of encouragement for individual creation in lieu of zombie-like idle consumption.

“Ask Dr. Mueller for anything
Now that the love’s gone behind
Ask Dr. Mueller for everything
I decline,

I decline…”


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Cover Art “wanting” © 2023 – disturbedByVoices – All Rights Reserved

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