a collage of the three artists that make up band Violens from their video "All Night Low" by disturbedByVoices

Violens – All Night Low [2⊘12]

Of the many idiosyncracies of YouTube, some of the most annoying are those videos that are “age-restricted” or “made-for-kids” and for entirely different reasons. One can understand, even empathize with adult content being restricted, inarguably lauded by some artists as a kudo of sorts. But the made-for-kids restriction is utterly flummoxing as it removes the ability to save the video to any playlist for no apparent reason I can discern. Self-imposed warnings such as those related to flashing images that may or may not cause an affected individual to have an epileptic seizure are often done out of an overriding concern for safety and/or legal reasons. They often also serve as an unmistakable omen that I will love and cherish that video.

“I remember feeling guilty
Those were nights you lied with me
Do you know the limit?
Don’t you know that I’m caught
Don’t you know that I’m caught”

Violens (pronounced vy-lenz) are producer/multi-instrumentalist Jorge Elbrecht (charter member of art company Lansing-Dreiden), synth and guitar player Iddo Arad, and bass guitarist Myles Matheny, their name an amalgam of “violence” and “violins” further serving as an apt description of their ethereal and hellfire melodies wedded Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Elbrecht’s influences run the gamut from black metal to 60s psyche rock and 90s sonic pop with just an alluring hint of XTC. They self-describe as “painting soft watercolor notes across their compositions, adding crucial emotional depth via layered vocal harmonies.

bandmembers of band violenz


“I remember feeling guilty
The second time you laid with me
Felt it for a moment?
All night low
All night low”

My favorite track off their heady sophomore effort True, the song “All Night Low” cleverly incorporates an aesthetic called “Foley” used in horror movies to amplify the angst in select scenes. “(At times) you might not even be sure you heard anything at all. That uncertainty is the bread and butter of suspense in horror movies. Barely perceptible sounds can make you doubt your own senses, just like the character is doubting theirs. And that makes the viewing experience that much scarier.

Clarified Elbrecht, “We wanted ‘All Night Low’ to sound like a fast-forward nightmare, and wanted the lyrics to be like something you’d mumble in your sleep. There is actually room tone from horror movie Foley worked subtly into the chorus sections, but you ‘feel’ it more than you hear it.” And when elaborating on sister single “Der Microarc” he perhaps insightfully confided, “I collected sounds from horror movies. We went through a pretty laborious process of cutting out a lot of the ones that I wanted in there, but the rest of the band was like, ‘It’s too many weird chainsaw sounds.’ We pared it down to what’s there now. That’s my favorite part when we play it live.

“I remember feeling guilty
And how that’s supposed to be?
Snow me over?
All night low
All night low”

The track itself pummels one with offbeat staccato drums that drag you forward with only periodic breath-catching flourishes designed to punch-drunk disorient. The video, directed by Alejandro Cardenas and edited by Elbrecht is a black-and-white maelstrom of horror imagery made up of band members and footage from movie “Nekromantik 2“. The end result is a brilliantly horrific synergism between film and music too seldom seized upon.


violens logo


The cover art is a collage assembled from the music video footage
Myles kindly assisted me with the lyrics – those ending in ? are my own estimations
Quotes are lifted (with thanks) from Insider’s educational Foley video, sidewalkhustle’s review of this music video, and Spin’s track-by-track review of album True

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    1. Their music is truly eclectic, to borrow your word. The mix of highly creative melodies and uncommon chords is simply gorgeous I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing, Jeff.

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