Molchat Doma – Zvezdy (Stars)

The Belarusian trio hailing from Minsk that is Molchat Doma (“Houses are Silent“) have been taking the post-punk community by storm over the last several years, culminating in this live three-song session released March of 2020 (MENT x ETEP). Notably, I’m more fond of the first two of these three songs and focusing on only the first, Zvezdy (Stars) which strikingly is a love song. Lead singer Egor Shkutko’s vocals have been described as “spectoral and disembodied” and fit nicely as he drones “You are the sun in my eyes… and I am the moon.” This, although the full lyrics appear to have him angry and in pain from being lovestruck. Thus unsurprisingly, the band has been linked to the “Doomer” movement whose music, per Wikipedia, is “cold and gloomy atmospheres (with) sad and introspective lyrics usually focusing on loneliness, and an overall dystopian sound.” Cool, but you had me at “cold and gloomy“.

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