Ash Code – Betrayed

Post-punk, Italian-electro, darkwave staples Ash Code are Claudia with twin brothers Alessandro and Adriano, self-described as “dark ballads, deep and melancholic synths, noise and distortions, dances of death.” The band name being “Ash” in homage to their local volcano Mount Vesuvius, in Napoli, and “Code” to evoke something both indefinite yet existentialist. The song “Betrayed” seeming to relate the story of a spurned love forced by fear of loneliness to remain with their Judas. “I wish to run but I have to stay, realizing everything is fake, I need someone to share my pain, it’s too late too late.” Alessandro, when asked about their preoccupation with death, stated, “We think that the relation with the concept of death is conflictual for everyone. We have a fascination for everything that men can’t explain. Maybe having a greater conscience of death helps people to be more attached to life.” Truly maravilloso, bravo!

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  1. At first glance, when I saw that there were twin brothers Alessandro and Adriano, I thought it might be the very same brothers in the band Miccoli, but those are Adriano and Alessio – very similar indeed. Great song, by the way!

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