Corlyx ~ White Wolf [2⊘2⊘]

From the depths of great trauma, delicious art can be derived — such is the music of Corlyx. The band made up of Italian songwriter Brandon and American singer Caitlin, met in Los Angeles and repatriated to iconic Italy to birth their band’s namesake she derived from a teenage dream. Thusly born of traumatic childhoods, they joined forces in mutually-creative admiration of the musical stylings of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Joy Division, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult (refs to Spotify and the aptly titled

The song uses both pitch and volume modulations of the guitar, bass, and synth lines dizzyingly, tightly-sinuously interwoven to create a three-dimensional audio experience of the occult. Erasure similarly drew chains in our imaginations by weaving multiple layered synth-lines in their hit single Chains of Love, but instead of happy major keys, Corlyx brandishes minor keys deftly and with apparent infectious abandon.

It’s insanely catchy. Especially, after only a few listens.

To further sweeten the deal, they then added a perfectly-timed undulating siren, a slap-strummed Spanish-Arabesque guitar, a muddy-thick waddling bassline, and their vocal-mesh, fuzzy-like, almost furry sounding…

The mix is as brilliant as it is beguiling.

Together Apart, the album featuring this gem is chock-full of these ear-worm-candies to devour… yum, cherry.

  • Corlyx’s music can be bought here and listened to on Spotify here, and followed on Facebook here

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