Fontaines D.C. ~ Televised Mind [2⊘21]

This is whatchacallit when medium and message meet. The repetition is hypnotic with just enough variation to trip/break something cracker-backwards in my mind. The song and video have an almost heroin-esque motif with deep blue-black auras that resonate in regions scarred from white-hot tongues, licking wounds not to cauterize, but to embellish.

Swipe your thoughts from Broadway,
Turn ideals to cabaret,
Water dreams of yesterday,
Fall behind

An Irish post-punk band formed in Dublin in 2017, the band consists of Grian Chatten, Carlos O’Connell, Conor Curley, Conor Deegan III, and Tom Coll. 

The throbbing bassline echos backdrop-plaintive-vocals openly buried in a blue-pill-haze. Neo nods awoken.

All your laughter pissed away,
All your sadness pissed away,
Now you don’t care what they say,
Nor do I

Savant-sharp and ice-hot with animus, there’s a message within, and it probably should bite.

We’re all televised minds.

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