Fontaines D.C. ~ Televised Mind [2⊘21]

This is whatchacallit when medium and message meet. The repetition is hypnotic with just enough variation to trip/break something cracker-backwards in my mind. The song and video have an almost heroin-esque motif with deep blue-black auras that resonate in regions scarred from white-hot tongues, licking wounds not to cauterize, but to embellish…. Continue reading Fontaines D.C. ~ Televised Mind [2⊘21]

Fontaines D.C. ~ A Lucid Dream

Imagine being plucked from today into yesteryear, 1916 in Dublin, Ireland to be exact. During the Easter Rebellion, an armed insurrection against British rule was fought for six days, ending in the internment of 1,800 and the hanging execution of 16. This is the premise behind A Lucid Dream penned by the phenom Fontaines D.C. (Dublin City), a group consisting of lead singer Grian Chatten, guitarists Carlos O’Connell, Conor Curley, Conor Deegan III (bass), and Tom Coll on drums. The song’s parent … Continue reading Fontaines D.C. ~ A Lucid Dream